Bed bugs have existed since the beginning of early mankind. They are thought to have moved from bat colonies to humans when they inhabited the same caves. There are references to bed bugs in the Bible.

Bed bugs live on human blood. They prefer to feed every 4-6 days but can be dormant for several months without eating. Bed bugs are spread by humans when they share the use of bedding, furniture, transportation, dwellings, or textiles. Travelers spread bed bugs from hotel to hotel. They are transferred from human to human on buses, trains, cars and planes. You simply cannot avoid potential contact unless you never leave your house and have no visitors!

Throughout history, as mankind continued to be more and more mobile, bed bugs spread. The proliferation seemed to only slow when strong pesticides, also harmful to humans, like DDT were prevalent. When these harmful pesticides were banned, the bed bug proliferation increased. Today, proliferation is at an all time high!