About Us


Bed Bug Tape was invented by a group of textile professionals to combat the rapid proliferation of bed bugs. The group studied the optimum way to present ArthroShield Protection into the surface of mattress edge tape as a natural mechanical insecticide.


After two years of lab work and production trials, the product was perfected. Clinical studies at Morehead State University's entomology department have verified the efficacy of Bed Bug Tape to kill bed bugs. The group also partnered with an international corporation to get an EPA registry. According to the EPA, "arthropods that are exposed to, or ingest, this product will die within 48 hours."


With the US annual demand for mattress edge tape at nearly 700 million yards, it was necessary to build a plant to handle that potential volume. Construction of this plant in North Carolina, and the highly specialized equipment necessary, is well underway. Completion is expected in late summer 2018. Bed Bug Tape will be commercially available to handle this demand in September 2018. This exciting patent pending innovation should be used on every mattress and foundation to improve the safety of beddings and consumer health.

The Problem


Bed bugs feed exclusively on human blood. They typically bite a victim every four to six days. They hide in dark areas within five to six feet of where humans lounge and sleep. Most hide inside mattresses, foundations, and furniture. 


Mattress edge tape is often the secret hiding place for bed bugs on mattresses and foundations. Bed bugs hide in the crevices around edge tape for security. They enter the mattress there and lay eggs before coming out for their next meal. 

The Solution


Mattress edge tape is the gateway into a bed bug's favorite hiding place. Bed Bug Tape injures them as they come through the gate. Bed Bug Tape employs ArthroSheild’s patent pending technology to provide safe insect killing power. Bed bugs belong to the arthropod phylum of insects. Arthropods have a hard exoskeleton made of discontinuous plates. The plates are covered in a waxy lipid outer layer. When bed bugs come in contact with Bed Bug Tape, the waxy layer is abraded and absorbed into the magic surface of Bed Bug Tape. The magic surface is made of ultrapure diatomaceous earth. It is mined from ancient sea beds and ground to the optimum killing particle size. It is so safe that it is used in toothpaste and wine is filtered through it.

Fabricate your bedding products, just as you normally do, using Bed Bug tape. Help protect your commercial customers from costly litigation, fumigation, and “out of service” costs from bed bug infestations. Help protect families from the costs and stress of home infestations. All mattresses and foundations should be constructed with Bed Bug Tape for the safety and health of consumers.

Applications Include:

 ~Hotels & Hospitality Industry

 ~Private Residences

 ~Healthcare Facilities


 ~Universities & Dormitories

 ~Assisted Care Faculties

 ~Rent to Own Mattresses

 ~Time Share Properties

 ~Rental Properties

Leading entomologist at Morehead University, Dr. Shawn O'Keefe, during bed bug clinicals.